MFJ donated a great G5RV for this event

MFJ donated a great G5RV for this event




Springfield, MO the home of Rt. 66 was finally granted a call sign and was allowed to participate in Rt. 66 on the Air. This is the 15th year for this event to happen. It was way past time for Springfield to be a part of this event.

This event is ongoing throughout the next week, but we had to take the opportunity to celebrate our first time to participate by setting up at two different public locations today. We absolutely are proud to be a part of this annual event. We are sending a huge thank you to Bob Heil k9eid of Heil Sound for making this event possible for all Springfield hams! We also send a huge thank you to MFJ for the generous donation of equipment to enhance our participation in this prestigious event!

W6R Special event station is up and running across the Ozarks. SMARC took W6R to the Outdoor Fitness Days at Lake Springfield and to Rt. 66 Park on the Mother Road today. You can see some of the pictures of the fun we had shaking hands and operating the event at the following link:


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