rt 66 logobw

The ‘official’ frequency chart from the host club W6JBT is shown below. Although you can operate anywhere in the band you are licensed for, these are the first places that stations looking for the Route 66 operations will go to first. Please listen around these suggested center frequencies to make certain there are no other W6R stations transmitting as there should only be one W6R station on each band at the same time.

If you hear another station, move to another band and find your clean spot. YOu also can look on Eham Spotting or DX Cluster for others operating from Springfield.

Keep in mind, you can operate your home station, you can be portable or mobile and any of the modes – digital, SSB, CW, RTTY. Hoping to see Springfield, Mo come in strong. Have fun and enjoy this great event.

Bob Heil, K9EID

Operating Frequency Guidelines

The Route 66 On The Air Special Event participating stations are likely to be found somewhere in the vicinity of the following frequencies.

CW 3.533 7.033 10.110 14.033 18.080 21.033 24.900 28.033 50.033

SSB 3.866 7.266 14.266 18.164 21.366 24.966 28.466 50.166

DIGITAL 3.580 7.070 10.140 14.070 18.100 21.070 24.920 28.120

ALL frequencies shown can be +/- due to QRM and other in use conditions


Please note that effort will be made to avoid any interference on adjacent frequencies and other stations using these frequencies during the event, however with band conditions and other factors beyond our control, some interference may occur and we apologize if that happens.


We encourage our participating stations to work all bands as possible, however all stations may not have the capabilities to work some of the shown bands. It is also suggested that each participating station attempt to work the 80 meter band for those “close in” stations.

Please have patience when working the event as band conditions, QRM, and location may affect the stations ability to communicate with everyone.


Each participating station do their own time scheduling of operators, since this is a weeklong event not all participating stations will have the personnel to operate all the event hours. Again we ask for your patience in contacting all the stations, if you don’t hear them on for a period of time, check back at a later time. Again since this is a week long event, all participating stations are doing the best they can to insure that you are able work them all during the time frame of the event.

Route 66 Mobile and Repeaters:

Any amateurs operating while actually driving along Route 66 during the special event period are encouraged to take part in the event, by using the designation “mobile 66” for phone or /m66 for CW after their callsign. All other amateurs are welcome to contact these mobile operators.

Some of the participating stations will also be operating this event by using their local VHF/UHF repeaters. Check the ARRL repeater guide for possible repeater frequencies if you’re in their local area.