To All of the ‘Route 66 On The Air 2014’ operators:

Less than a week before this exciting event begins. As each of you know, Springfield has been ‘shut out’ for many years and I and several others have made
repeated attempts to have Springfield added to the list with no avail – UNTIL last September. After several years of requesting that the Birthplace of Rt 66 be
added, W6R was awarded to the Amateur Radio operators of Springfield.

We, the collective hams of the Springfield area must now work hard to make a good showing this first year. Several area Rt 66 cities worked nearly
4,000 contacts last year. The St Louis W6P operation worked around 2800 contacts so we have our work cut our for us.

I have 29 operators that have personally signed the list I have been carrying around since last September. Each of you should be receiving this message. I have spoken to several clubs and gatherings inviting them to E Mail me if they wanted to work the event and I have not receiving but only 3 or 4 from those gatherings so
let all of your Amateur Radio friends know this is the week to get signed up and learn how much fun this will be.

The way I have it figured, if each of us can work 150 contacts we will be 4350 total. A very respectable showing for our first year. One thing we should all
think about is that since this is the Birthplace and the first year to take part, when you get on and Call CQ, signing W6R Route 66 On the Air – get set for a huge pileup. I worked the event several times while in California and the pile up become huge, so working 150 contacts throughout the 8 days on your favorite band at at your favorite hour should be easy.

Patti KD0AEL and Steve Palmer KA0SPM have done a great job in the preliminary plans for the FIeld Day type set up we will set up THIS Friday (5th) in the new Historic Route 66 Park on West College…few blocks west of the square. Yes, that is NOT the opening day but we are doing this for the media attention for Amateur Radio and this event. We all know how Springfield loves anything ‘Route 66’. We are thrilled and honored to have John Sellars K0ATC, of the History Museum On The Square help us with his many contacts and will be alerting all of those important media contacts. We have an actual Press Conference set up for 11:00 AM this Friday in the park. Yes, we will be on the air and work some casual contacts on Friday for anyone that does stop by. On Saturday. we will kick off the W6R event at the official start time of 0000Z . NOw please understand that at 0000Z, you can fire up your station, find a clear frequency – close to the suggested frequencies. Move around. Find your spot and work the world with W6R.

W6R needs a QSL card. Something very special. Something very cool. We will have that design printed and also need someone to step up and help us with addressing these cards to answer the QSL cards we will receive. I have listed my P.O. Box 249 in Pleasant Hope 65725 and after the event, we are sure that there will be lots of people sending us a card and requesting the Birthplace of Route 66 card. That is why our card has to be very special. . . . so tap your artistic friends or your own talents and let’s make this happen – big time.

Invite other operators to join us in making this event happen.

Visit the official web site for lots of information about the event. This will be the address you will send stations you work that want more information.

I do not need your actual log, but at the end of the event Sept 14th I will need your total count of contacts broken down by the bands you worked them on.
We will them compile the totals for W6R Springfield.

A couple of things from the host station W6JBT…….
The biggest complaint that W6JBT has during the event is that some of the clubs or operators are not on the air enough. Several of the cities only have a few hundred contacts as there does not seem to be interest to support the event but yet, they keep their assigned call each year.

We need to know what sites you use – DX CLuster EHAM SPOTTERS, etc.

PLEASE, we can not let Springfield down next week.

…I am going to send this note to each of you and not blind copy so you can see each of those that have signed up. If you have a friend or know of a good contest or competitive operator – SSB, CW, RTTY or any of the digital modes, PLEASE have them E Mail me and let’s get them involved.
Any questions or comments, you can always contact me through this E mail OR call me – 618 975 3981 personal cell

Thanks to all….