Within the last 2 years, we have seen the implementation of a linked repeater system, the Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System, that is a permanent linked repeater system that currently includes 6 repeaters linked full-time via RF. The system is designed to allow communications throughout the Region D (Southwest Missouri) area.

What we have realized is most folks don’t realize that when they talk on 1 repeater, they are actually tying up all 6 repeaters in the system for their local QSO. For that reason, we ask that operators to follow the prescribed rules below found atwww.smlrs.info.

It is our desire that operators utilize common courtesy and not tie up the system for a QSO in which both or all operators are on a single repeater, such as the Granby 145.390. The thought process is that a person might listen to 145.390, or any other repeater on the system, and then when contact is made, both or all operators should switch to a local repeater or to simplex to continue their QSO and allow others to utilize the system to listen for calls.