From the “FISTS Reflector”

I am passing along this request from a ham who enjoys CW and sees the ARRL request in RM-11708 as further encroachment on the CW/Data sub-bands.

“I learned about this FCC proposal and I wonder if you can inform your members?”, she wrote. She continued, “Perhaps others like me are unaware of this proposed FCC rule that would allow digital communication modes 2.8 kHz in width to be used robotically in the CW and data sub-bands without regard to interference. ARRL supports this and evidently initiated it.”

Go first to the below link and read their memorandum.
Then go to:

There you can read posted comments and submit your own express filing.

Keep it short, sweet and to the point. No flames or arrows against ARRL in your comments, please. That is counterproductive. And, I do hope you will ask the FCC not to approve RM-11708.

73’s Karl, KB1DSB
FISTS, NA Chapter, President