Friday Night Net May 9th, 2014

–Regular Announcements–

–The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club meeting will be the third Saturday of the month at 5PM. Location At the American Red Cross Southern Missouri Regional Offices at the corner of West Bypass and Division

–Testing will also be available at 3PM for anyone of those who want to either get their technician license or if you are wanting to upgrade to a general or extra class. The Fee for this test will be $15.

–Any one listening interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator should attend a meeting.
Meeting will be May 17 at Redcross West bypass and Division
5 pm with test held earlier at 3 pm.

Arrl field day will be June 28-29 2014. The theme for this field day will be The “Wild” West.

-Hamfests coming up

Bates County Hamfest in Butler, MO May 3rd
Dayton Ham Vention May 16th-18th
Hamcom in Plano, TX June 13th-14th
Joplin Hamfest August 22th-23th

Dastardly Trivia5/9/2014

Since Springfield is hosting the first annual Trek Con this weekend, this weeks trivia questions are all about Star Trek!

1) All but one Starship Enterprise has had either of the following quotes on it’s bridge dedication plaque, “… to bodily go, where no man has gone before.” or “…t o bodily go, where no one has gone before.” Which Enterprise didn’t have either one of these famous quotes?

A) The NX Class Enterprise
B) The original Constitution Class Enterprise
C) The Enterprise D
D) The Enterprise E

2) At the end of a bitter war with the Romulans, The Federation singed the Treaty of Algeron. Among other things this treaty banned the development, or use of cloaking technology in any Federation ship. There have been at least 4 ships portrayed in the various series using cloaking devices, but only one was exempt from the Treaty of Algeron to do so. Which ship was it?

A) USS Defiant (TOS)
B) USS Enterprise D
C) USS Voyager
D) USS Defiant (DS9)

3) On Star Trek: Voyager, Captain Janeway had a Holodeck program where she often studied with a holographic simulation of a very famous painter. Who was the painter?

A) Claude Monet
B) Pablo Picasso
C) Leonardo da Vinci
D) Vincent Van Gogh

4) Captain James Kirk was not the Captain of the Enterprise in the first pilot episode of the original Star Trek series. The very first pilot had a different captain, Christopher Pike. Who played Christopher Pike

A) William Shatner
B) Jeffery Hunter
C) Lloyd Bridges
D) Lorne Greene

1) B, 2) D, 3) C, 4) B

Check Ins:

KD0SJH, Will in Springfield, no guesses
KD0GY, John in Marionville, no guesses
KD0YVC, Robert in Springfield, no guesses
KD0BWT, Caleb in Springfield, no guesses
KD0KNL, Lewis in Springfield, A, D, D, B
KA0SPM, Steve in Springfield, no guesses
WA0CFQ, Dale in Springfield, no guesses
N4NKN, John in Springfield, no guesses
KD0SXD, Charles in Springfield, no guesses
KD0YQU, Jason in Sparta, no guesses
KD0GUR, Gary in Springfield, no guesses
KD0GUQ, Cheryl in Springfield, no guesses
KK4FXY, Nancy in Virginia Beach, VA, A, D, D, B
No winner’s this week