–Regular Announcements–

–The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club meeting will be the third Saturday of the month at 5PM. The next meeting will be Saturday, April 19th.
Location At the American Red Cross Southern Missouri Regional Offices at the corner of West Bypass and Division
–Testing will also be available at 3PM for anyone of those who want to either get there technician license or if you are wanting to upgrade to a general or extra class. The Fee for this test will be $15.
–Any one listening interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator should attend a meeting.

– The OARS Hamfest. The OARS Hamfest will be coming up on Saturday, April 12th, starting at 8:00am. All ages are welcome to attend this Hamfest. It will be held at the Pate Early Childhood Center, 400 Terrace Drive, in Aurora Missouri. This will be a great chance to look for Ham Radio equipment, and to meet local Amateur Radio Operators. So mark your calendars for April 12th, and make it to Aurora from the OARS Hamfest!
-Shriners Ham Bash. The Shriners Ham Bash will be in Kansas City on April 19th.

Bates County ARC Hamfest
Saturday, May 3rd in Butler, MO
Location: Adrian Optimist Community Building
South Business Highway 71
Adrian, MO 64720

Website: http://www.bc-arc.com/

No Trivia Questions this week

Check Ins
AD0GY John in Springfield
KD0SJH Will in Springfield
KD0YVC Robert in Springfield
KD0SXD Charles in Springfield
N0MIO Richard in Springfield
WA0CFQ Dale in Springfield
KD0KNL Lewis in Marshfield
N4NKN John in Springfield
KA0SPM Steve in Springfield