Well we have arrived at time for the august meeting. We are prepared for a good testing session that starts at 3 pm at the Red Cross building. 1545 N West Bypass Av. The meeting @ 5:00PM will about soldering wires and circuit boards. I know that the first time I soldered anything I was pretty nervous about doing it. But it is really easy after doing it with expert guidance. We have been preparing everyone for future build projects. Along with that theme I have compiled a list of QRP transceiver and transmitter kits. These are all available for around 30 dollars plus shipping. I hope we can find a common project or each of us do our own, but be able to put our new skills in electronic construction to use.

As always we will be doing an antenna party so if you have a new antenna or need to check out an antenna we will have equipment there to do that and we love to answer questions. We also love visitors. If you have had the urge to visit us for the first time or have been away for a while, please come and meet everyone.