Spring has sprung and with the warm weather come the outdoor events. SMARC has had the privilege of being invited to several events around the Ozarks and has had a couple of their own!

Our February meeting covered handling emergency traffic on the air. This is a good refresher for any ham and a great one for new hams.  Formal traffic on a net is much different than our Friday night ragchew net. A good example is the ARES Section D net that can be found on the 147.225 on Friday night at 730 just prior to our own net.

Our March meeting covered the topic of Spotter Safety. This is a topic we cover every year and this year we discussed how we would, should could react in the worst case scenarios. Important in any activated net either to prepare for a potential emergency or after one occurs is communication. This too was stressed during this meeting.




We were invited to the Weather Field Event sponsored by rhe Ramada Inn Convention Center in Branson March 21. Several of us were there to promote amateur radio to the general public. The crowds were few during our time there, but everyone agreed that if we even got one person excited about our hobby the event was a success. I call this one a success.



Yesterday, we were at the Safe and Sound event sponsored by KY3 and KSPR. This was our second time to be there. Not only was amateur radio promoted by our club, but the Greene County ARES group was there too. So, amateur radio was truly well represented to the public!





Our next event will be the Missouri QSO Party April 5. Several people have expressed interest. If you want to ride along and play mobile with HF, please let Steve Palmer ka0spm know. He can be reached at ka0spm@gmail.com or 417-224-0234.



Please remember that you do not have to be a ham to attend our meetings. If you are interested in being a ham, or want to find out what being a ham is all about you are welcome to show up at any meeting. And, as a bonus, we will feed you!


We are kid friendly!


Sending a huge thank you to all the volunteers that have staffed our events!


Patti kd0ael