–Regular Announcements–
–The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club meeting will be the third Saturday of the month at 5PM. The next meeting will be Saturday, March 15th.

At the American Red Cross Southern Missouri Regional Offices at the corner of West Bypass and Division

–Testing Will also be available at 3PM for anyone of those who want to either get there technician license or if you are wanting to upgrade to a general or extra class. The Fee for this test will be $15.

–Any one listening interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator should attend a meeting.

– The National Weather Service, the State Emergency Management Agency and Missouri’s local emergency management offices urge Missourians to use Missouri Severe Weather Awareness Week, March 3-7, to plan and prepare for how they will react to tornadoes, flash flooding and other severe weather. Missouri will conduct the 40th annual Statewide Tornado Drill on Tuesday, March 4 at 1:30 p.m. If severe weather is in the forecast on March 4, the drill will be moved to Thursday, March 6 at 1:30 p.m.
Greene County Skywarn will take checkins on the 146.64 for the drill. pl tone 162.2
If you are from another county, please check in with their Skywarn net. If for some reason they are not participating, feel free to check in with Greene County or the regional repeater!

-Safe & Sound Saturday KY3, KSPR, and The Ozarks CW are presenting The Safe & Sound Saturday on March 22, 2014. Last year’s event was so successful, that it’s back again this year. Some of the groups that were there last year include were all local law enforcement agencies, City Utilities of Springfield, local Ambulance agencies, several vendors of home storm shelters, gun safety equipment, and other emergency preparedness supplies. The weather services were represented, as well as local area Amateur radio groups, including The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club.

Demos & discussions included: weather discussions, what happens in a rollover accident, power line safety, and some basics of Amateur Radio.

I couldn’t find a time for this year’s event, but last years ran from 10am to 5pm, I’m sure that it will be very similar this year. I will keep on eye out, and post an exact time when I find it to the SMARC Facebook Page.

The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio club will be setting up a booth again this yea, and would like to ask that anyone that wants to volunteer to participate in this year’s Safe & Sound Saturday is more than welcome!

You may email the club at: smarc@(nospam)smarc.org, or leave a voice mail/text at 417-597-4266. Or you can talk to any Club member, and they will pass the info on. Even if you don’t work the event as a volunteer, you should still go to the expo, it’s a fun & interesting event, and helps you learn to be safe!!

– The OARS Hamfest. The OARS Hamfest will be coming up on Saturday, April 12th, starting at 8:00am. All ages are welcome to attend this Hamfest. It will be held at the Pate Early Childhood Center, 400 Terrace Drive, in Aurora Missouri. This will be a great chance to look for Ham Radio equipment, and to meet local Amateur Radio Operators. So mark your calendars for April 12th, and make it to Aurora from the OARS Hamfest!

-Clearmore, OK Hamfest. In Clearmore, OK on Friday March 4th 4pm to 9pm, and Saturday March 5th 8am to pm. Located at 400 Veteran’s Park Way, Clearmoore, OK.

-Shriners Ham Bash. The Shriners Ham Bash will be in Kansas City on April 19th.

Dastardly Trivia for Friday, Feb 28th

1) Nikola Tesla was born in 1856. His Father was an Orthodox Priest, as well as a gifted write & poet. His mother had many talents, one of which was:

A) Cooking in a local bakery
B) Washing & sewing clothes for the people in town
C) Creating appliances to help with home & farm chores
D) Was a school teacher

C) Tesla’s mother made appliance to help with chores in homes, and on farms. Tesla would latter credit is mother with all of his inventive instincts.

2) At the age of 17 Tesla’s Father did not want his son to pursue is interests in Science & Engineering, but wanted him to the priesthood. What event when Tesla was 17 made his father concede to Tesla going to the renowned Austrian Polytechnic School instead?

A) Tesla ran way from home
B) Tesla contracted Cholera
C) Tesla’s mother spoke to her husband on her son’s behalf
D) Tesla’s mother passed away

B) Tesla contracted Cholera when he was 17. Tesla craftily got his father to concede that if he surveyed the illness, he could pursue his love os Science & Engineering.

3) Tesla worked on High Frequency devices in an effort to accomplish many great things. He began by building rotary AC generators that could run at high speeds, but began to fly apart when they approached 20,000 cycles/second. What remarkable device was able to fix this problem?

A) Transitor
B) Resistor
C) Oscilator
D) Tesla Coil

D) The Tesla Coil took ordinary 60 cycle/second household current, and stepped it up to hundreds of thousands of cycles/second, and also generates extremely high voltages.

4) At one point both Westinghouse, and General Electric were finically drained from years of fighting the war between AC & DC Current. J. P. Morgan wanted all Hydroelectric power under his control. He manipulated the stock market to starve out Westinghouse, and buy up their Tesla patents. Thanks in part to Tesla this never happened, what did Tesla do?

A) After Westinghouse pleaded with Tesla to to escape from his
contract that owed him generous royalties, tore up the
B) Tesla used political & business contacts to but pressure on J.
P. Morgan to back off from trying to break Westinghouse.
C) Tesla raised the money to buy the patents from
D) Tesla burned all the papers, and patents related to all his
designs he made for Westinghouse before J. P. Morgan could
get his hands on them.

A) Westinghouse almost in finical ruin asked Tesla if he could get out of the contract with hi, that would’ve paid huge royalties to Tesla, but likely help close the company. Tesla was grateful to Westinghouse for believing in his inventions, and was convinced that great things were ahead. So Tesla tore up the contract on the spot! This saved The Westinghouse Electric Company, which went on to future prosperity. Even though Tesla was part of that prosperity, due to him not receiving those royalties, he as elf tin recurring finical troubles for the rest of his life.

Source: Tesla: Life and Legacy on the PBS Website

Trivia Answers: C, B, D, A

Check Ins:

N0CEL, Carl, No Guess

N0MIO, Richard, No Guess

KB0JGG, Roger, No Guess

KD0SXD, Charles, No Guess

JD0SJH, Will, No Guess

AD0GY, John, C, D, C, D

WK0Y, Jack, No Guess

KD0YVC, Robert, No Guess

KB0KSA, John, No Guess

KD0BHN, Stone, No Guess

KD0BHO, Nathaniel, No Guess

KD0CHM, Martin, No Guess

KD0EAL, Patti by proxy, C, B, D, C

No winners this week, but Pattie was close, only missing the very last question! Thanks to everyone that checked in to the Friday Night Net this week!!

73’s de Franklin, KD0RSJ!!