Since broadcasting began the governments of every country have seeked to regulate what and how it was done. Here are some questions related to some of the extreme measures broadcasters have taken to skirt the rules.

1. A border blaster classified as what in broadcasting lore? (classic definition)

A. A licensed station that has very high power to cross borders where the power is not allowed.
B. A station that broadcasts “unauthorised” content into another country.

2. Ciudad Acuña in Mexico was the transmitter home of XERF-AM. What disc jockey made them famous?

A. Wolfman Jack
B. Alan Freed

3. In Britian as a result of the banning of Rock and Roll music broadcasters set up transmitters on ships just outside the island nations control in the North Sea. One of these stations was known as “Radio Caroline” Who was Caroline?

A. Caroline Kennedy, daughter of U.S. President John F. Kennedy
B. The Fortunes recorded the song “Caroline” thus giving the station the name.

Extra credit tie breaker

4. In July of 1974 Wolfman Jack reportedly presided at the Ozark Music Festival as MC it was one of the largest but least remembered Rock Music festivals ever. How many were estimated to be in attendance?

A. 100,000
B. 350,000

Good luck with the trivia and see on the net.