–Regular Announcements–
–The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club meeting will be the third Saturday of the month at 5PM. This months meeting will be Jan 18th

At the American Red Cross Southern Missouri Regional Offices at the corner of West Bypass and Division

–Testing Will also be available at 3PM for anyone of those who want to either get there technician license or if you are wanting to upgrade to a general or extra class. The Fee for this test will be $15.

–Any one listening interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator should attend a meeting.

We will be building dual band antennas, or will help you if you have a project you are working on. We will be furnishing the materials for the antennas!

Trivia from KD0RSJ:

Tonight’s trivia is about the Olympic flame in hornier of tonight’s opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

1) The torch relay begins at the ruins of The Temple of Hera, and ends at the site of the games. Where is the Temple of Hera located?

A) Athens, Greece
B) Olympia, Greece
C) Delphi, Greece
D) Mikonos, Greece

2) The runners do not pass the torches, but do pass the flame it’s self. After they have passed on the flame, each runner gets to keep their torch.

A) True

The torch flame is carried to manny locations throughout the world before each Olympics. In the run up to the 2014 Winter Olympics, the flame had a very special leg to it’s journey. Was this leg:

A) Under water
B) Under ground
C) On an airplane traveling through the sky
D) In Space

Answers: B, A, D


Charles K0EOD


Charles KD0SXD

John AD0GY

Patti KD0AEL


Cheryl KD0GUQ

Jack WK0Y A, B, B

Nancy KK4FXY B, B, A


Jeff K0JRT A, A, A

Judith KD0TOT A, A, A

John N4NKN A, B, D

Steve KA0SPM A, A, A

No winner this week.