Welcome Franklin to the helm as net control tonight!

We also thank him for the trivia contributions!!!


Tonight’s trivia is about the Olympic flame in hornier of tonight’s opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

1) The torch relay begins at the ruins of The Temple of Hera, and ends at the site of the games. Where is the Temple of Hera located?

A) Athens, Greece
B) Olympia, Greece
C) Delphi, Greece
D) Mikonos, Greece

2) The runners do not pass the torches, but do pass the flame it’s self. After they have passed on the flame, each runner gets to keep their torch.

A) True

The torch flame is carried to manny locations throughout the world before each Olympics. In the run up to the 2014 Winter Olympics, the flame had a very special leg to it’s journey. Was this leg:

A) Under water
B) Under ground
C) On an airplane traveling through the sky
D) In Space