If you were unable to attend the meeting tonight, you missed a ton of fabulous food and great fellowship! I hope you were able to watch the live feed if you could not join us.

Robert and Shawn shared their go bags with us as well!

Yes, we elected new officers too.
Lewis and David are currently in their terms as President and Secretary and will remain there for another year.

New officers to be installed next month are:

Patti Palmer VP
Cheryl Jackson Treasurer
Shawn McKee as Director at Large
Jeff Reppert as Director at Large

Appointed positions remain: Patti as Public Information Officer and Steve as Repeater Trustee.

Next month we will be building dual band antennas, or will help you if you have a project you are working on. We will be furnishing the materials for the antennas!


Hope to see you there!

73 Patti kd0ael