When I was a kid I had a 1951 Crosley “all American 5” radio. It was pretty uncommon among radios of its day, Bakelite case with string tuning and a volume control. I stay up at night and listened to the radio stations that came in. AM broadcasting was very different from today, there were actual programs and music. This is what made me interested in radio. The was a station at 700 kHz that was called “The Nations Station” WLW. I heard it lots of times but never really knew the history. Here are some questions about WLW that might make you find out more.

1. WLW was started by what corporation?

A. Crosley

2. They were the only station on medium wave (AM) to ever be licensed for what power output?

A. 167,000 watts
B. 500,000 watts

3. What other station did they do as a service the the U.S.?

A. W8XO experimental station.
B. The Voice of America.

Good luck with the questions and please spend more time looking at this part of American broadcast history. I think you will find some very interesting facts about “The Big One WLW”