There are many disagreements and discussions as to who invented radio.
Surely most would agree that Marconi invented the idea of commercial radio but what we have today is a combination of many people who developed technology that makes radio possible. So here is some questions regarding radio and who patented what.

1. The first device capable of amplifying a signal was called the “audion”, who invented it?

A. Lee Deforest
B. David Sarnoff

2. A regenerative receiver was the first to allow “good” reception of distant radio signals it used a feedback controlled by the user to increase the gain of the receiver, who invented it.

A. Reginald Aubrey Fessenden
B. Edwin Armstrong

3. Before there was a crystal detector or diode to detect radio waves there was a device called a coherer this device used iron fillings in a glass tube that conducted when influenced by radio wave. Who invented it.

A. Edouard Eugene Branly
B. Nikola Tesla