The Lebanon Amateur Radio Club Presents the

2013 ARRL Midwest Division Convention

November 8-9, 2013

September 22, 2013 Volume 1, Number 4
Friday Afternoon & Evening:

12pm W1AW/0 in operation

2pm-5pm Doors open and  W1AW/0 is open for public operators

2pm-5pm Informal Meet & Greet, Vendors can start selling, Flea Market sales, Tickets can be purchased for prizes to be given away on Saturday

5pm W1AW/0 closes down for the night

5pm-6pm Astronaut Nagel gives presentation on Space Comms

6pm-7:30pm Live HamNation taping

8pm Doors to the convention are locked for the night and security posted



An Interview with the Astronaut

We conducted an interview with the astronaut and it’s been posted to Youtube.  You can watch it at:

We also have an audio file that can be given to your local radio stations hosted on our website:


Please feel free to use either of those to help get the word out!

Dayton of the Midwest

The big 3 are coming!  Yaesu, Kenwood and ICOM are going to be here, along with MFJ and its subsidiaries.  We’re also in talks with DXEngineering and it looks like they are coming as well.  Be sure to check out the website and look at all the vendors who’ll be in attendance!

First Ever Live Taping of HamNation

Bob Heil, K9EID, and Gordon West, WB6NOA,  will be conducting the first ever live taping of a HamNation broadcast.  George Thomas, W5JDX, will be joining them for a live presentation of his popular Smoke & Solder segment.  Many other prominent guests will be joining the HamNation hosts.  This is an event you will not want to miss on Friday night at 6:00pm!


Don’t forget about W1AW/0!  They will begin operating at 12pm on Friday, and guest operators will be allowed to operate it starting at 2:00pm, so if you can’t make it to the convention be sure to listen for them on the air!  Hours of operation are shown on the left sidebar of this newsletter.

Card Checking

We will also have DXCC/VUCC/WAS card checking including 160M!





7:30am Doors open to the public

8am Opening Ceremony

8:30am Doors to the main exhibition floor open

8am-5pm W1AW/0 on the air

5pm Convention shuts down




Opening Ceremony on Saturday Morning


The opening ceremony will take place in the Theater at 8am.  Everyone who attends the opening ceremony will receive a free prize ticket for a Yaesu FT-817ND to be given away at the conclusion of the ceremony.  Be sure to get your ticket from staff that will be posted at the theatre entrance!  No purchase necessary and you must be present to win.

Forum Topics and Speakers


Antenna and Station Grounding by W8JI

Dxing Techniques by K5UR

Operating Your Station Remotely with a live demonstration by W4WT


Youth Program by Carole Perry WB2MGP

Audio Techniques by Bob Heil K9EID

HK0NA DxPedition by W0GJ

Introduction to QRP, QRP Association VP, KC0PP

ARES (Includes an overview of the Joplin disaster) by AC0HA

Antennas for restricted areas by AC0C

ARRL Forum and Q&A Session by K1ZZ, K5UR, K0BJ, K0CA, and K0DAS.

Alpha Amplifier technology by W0RUN from RF Concepts (ALPHA)

Satellite Communications (Hams-In-Space) by KY0F, KD0HKD, AC0DX

Digital Voice, by Mel Whitten K0PFX

SEMA And Public Service (Red Cross) Forums

KI1U, ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager

COL Steven Nagel, NASA Astronaut

SDR, Greg K5GJ (Flex Radio)

HRD and FLDigi, by Rick Ruhl

Ham Nation with Bob Heil, Gordon West and George Thomas



Contact information



2013 ARRL Midwest Convention
(High Level Overview)

Ø           Hourly and Grand Prize Drawings

Ø           VE Testing

Ø         0900 – Lebanon Public Library on Saturday (testing begins, must be there prior to 0900)

Ø           Exhibit Hall, Outside Flee Market, Inside Ham Table 

Ø         Dale K1USA,

Ø           Forums Conducted on Friday and Saturday. Rooms A  C and Theater

Ø           2mtr Talk-In

Ø         146.700 (minus), 88.5 tone

Ø           Friday Key Events & Times

Ø         1400 – Outside Flea Market Opens

Ø         1400 – 2013 ARRL Convention Opens to the public

Ø         1400 – W1AW/0 operation begins for guest operators

Ø         1600 – K0BJ Asian DX Trip Highlights in Room C

Ø         1700 – Astronaut Steven Nagel presentation in the theater

Ø         1800 – HAM NATION with Bob Heil; guests Gordon West and George Thomas

Ø         1930 – Friday convention closes

Ø           Saturday Key Events & Times

Ø         0700 – Outside Flea Market Opens

Ø         0730 – Building Foyer Doors Open

Ø         0800 – Opening Ceremony in the Theater

Ø         0830 – Exhibition Hall Opens to Public

Ø         0830 – Inside Flea Market Opens

Ø         0900 – Hourly prize drawings begin

Ø         0900 – Forums begin in Rooms A – C and Theater venues

Ø         1400 – Youth Program; Carole Perry w/Astronaut Steven Nagel in the Theater


Ø         1600 – Grand Prize Drawing


FRIDAY, November 8

 TIME Theater Room C Exhibition Hall
0800- 1400


Vendor Setup, Vendors Only

1400 – 1700

W1AW/0 OTA – Guest Operators


Open to the Public, Open House and Socializing

1600 – 1645

Asian visit – JA/HS5/HS1

K0BJ Bruce, 2nd VP ARRL

1700 – 1745

COL Steven Nagel, USAF RET,

Astronaut Presentation

1800 – 1930

HAM NATION Bob Heil with Guests Gordon West & George Thomas









SATURDAY, November 9

 TIME Theater Room A Room B Room C Corridor
0800 – 0830

Open Ceremony

0830 Exhibition Hall Opens

 0900 – 0945

Antennas for Restricted areas by AC0C

Amplifiers by W0RUN (Alpha)


Flex Radio

KCDXC CW Contest

 1000 – 1045

Joplin AC0HA

ARES Presentation

Malpelo Expedition W0GJ

Grounding Systems by W8JI

HRD – FLDigi

Rick Ruhl

KCDXC CW Contest

 1100 – 1145


KCDXC CW Contest

 1200 – 1245

Heil Sound


Remote Ops by W4WT


KCDXC CW Contest

 1300 – 1345

Heil Sound


K3LR, Contesting

D-Star by WB0IIS & K0GOB

Emergency Prepare by Just-in-time

 1400 – 1445

Carole Perry and Astronaut Nagel

Amateur Satellite Comm

Intro to QRP by KC0PP

ARRL Emergency Prepare KI1U

 1500 – 1545

Carole Perry & Astronaut Nagel

HF Digital Voice

Mel Whitten K0PFX


Public Svc Red Cross

 1600 – 1645

Grand Prize Drawings