Regular Announcements
–The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club meeting will be the third Saturday of the month at 5PM. This months meeting will be May 18th.
–Testing Will also be available from 3-4PM for anyone of those who want to either get there technician license or if you are wanting to upgrade to a general or extra class. The Fee for this test will be $15.
–Any one listening interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator should attend a meeting.
Civil Air Patrol fly in.

Saturday, May 18 Springfield,
We plan to be there set up to run radios and shake hands with the public!

FREE Admission ~ Open to the Public ~ FREE Admission
~ Discover Civil Air Patrol ~
A Fly-In Fun-for-All !
Recognizing Area Emergency Services & Armed Forces[1]
Missouri Ava SkywarnSpotters
Downtown Airport (3DW, CTAF 122.
Location: 2546 E. Division

~ Taildraggers ~ Warbirds ~ Vintage ~ Ultralights ~
Everyone Welcome !
~ Biscuits & Gravy ~ Donuts ~ Coffee ~
For Early Fly-ins: 8:00 AM ’til about 10:00 AM
~ Hamburgers ~ Hot Dogs ~ Pot Luck Carry-In ~
Starting about 11:00
Activities until 4:00 PM
~ Free Airplane Rides ~
For Ages 8 to 17 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM
All Flights Provided by Young Eagles Program of the EAA
· Med EVAC Helicopters
· Highway Patrol Helicopter
· Military Display
· Fire Fighting Equipment
· Disaster Plan Information
· Emergency Medical Services
For Information Call: Bob Brown, 417-840-6110,

Hello SMARC, This is KF5LHM Mike Guest with the Benton County Radio Operators club. I would like to take a moment and invite your club and all hams in your area, to the BCRO Hamfest in Rogers Arkansas. This year we are the Delta division sponsors and as such we will be having several members of the ARRL staff in attendance for the event. Here, see attachment, is some info on the event. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions my e-mail is my phone # is 479-721-2508 . Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Mike Guest, 73’s
We’re starting to come down to the wire and looking for several more folks to help out with the Nixa Bike Ride communications detail.
Here are the spots we have open still:
(1) Net Control
(2) Boax Rest Stop
(2) Brown Springs Rest Stop
(1) SAG 40
(1) SWEEP 70
(1) SWEEP 40
(4) Mercy SAG
The remaining rest stops will be done before noon, talking about possibly 2 hours max at each one.
The SWEEP positions will last the duration of the race, and your mileage is reimbursable if you want to turn in the sheet at the end of the race. Same for the SAG 40 – mileage reimbursable.
Those that want to be a SAG but not drive can ride with one of the Mercy volunteers and provide communications for them.
Please e-mail me ASAP with your shirt size and cell # so I can get the shirts ordered
Please don’t feel like you have to have experience to do this, we’ll get you all you need to know for the event and it will be a fun time!

James Adkins, KB0NHX
President & Repeater Trustee — Nixa Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (K0NXA)
Sorry about that, the ride is on Saturday, June 1, 2013. I hope to have maps and que sheets soon as well.
The race usually starts at 7:30 a.m. and is done by 3:00 p.m. for the 70 mile race.
Those at the rest stops will probably start about 7:30 or so and go till 9:30 or 10:00 at the latest at Boaz and Brown Springs.

Dastardly Trivia this week takes us to history and the date May 18.

1. In 2011 Facebook began trading stock to the public.
A. true
B. false

2. In 1958 a world land speed record was set by a:
a. F-104 Starfighter
b. Douglas F5D Skylancer

3. In 1969 Apollo 10 was launched.
a. True
b. False

The answers are! BAA


No short time checkins or emergency traffic.

Regular checkins:

KD0CFQ Dale, Springfield
KD0BWT Caleb, Springfield BAA Winner
KD0JNU Steve, Springfield
N0MIO Richard, Ozark AAA
K0JTR Jeff, Miller
KD0TOT Judith, Miller
K0EOD Charlie, Springfield
KD0SXD Charles, Bolivar BAA Winner
KD0UGG Joleene, Bolivar BAA Winner
KD0TZJ David, Springfield BAA Winner
KD0GUR Gary, Springfield AAA
KD0GUQ Cheryl, Springfield
KK4FXY Nancy, Virginia Beach VA AAA
KD0CNP Shawn, Springfield
AD0BG David, Republic ABA
KF5BIU Hugh, Ozark
KD0AEL Patti, Springfield – Net Control