With 17 in attendance, (a record for a summer meeting?) we covered a great number of topics! We had a great meeting learning how to use the Volt Meters and I personally look forward to the kit building to follow. Please note that there is a new link on the right side of the web page that will take you to the QRP Links that Steve promised.

In an after note, 6 people were voted in as members during the Board meeting! Wow our little club is really growing. I will get the roster updated on the website soon.

Our upcoming events/projects:
We will be having follow ups to kit building and hopefully will be building our own QRP transceivers very soon!

We have a fox hunt brewing, stay tuned for that!

We will be having a Tailgate Hamfest in October! Stay tuned for more details. Date: Oct. 16th, place Red Cross. More details to come very soon!

It was GREAT to see everyone there!!!

Patti kdØael SMARC Secretary