Be sure to check us out on Facebook. There have been a great number of interesting articles shared there in recent time! The link is on the home page in the list on the left. For your convenience, I will repost it here!


On the 20th, we will be doing a kit build. You can bring your own or we will be providing a kit to each one in attendance. These kits are simple and designed for a successful first build for beginners!


We will soon have polos available for purchase at Bigfish. Our choice, for those who would like to be at public presentations with us, is the light blue. Prices available soon!


Now for Dastardly Trivia

Who gets the hoot this week?


1. Who played Granny Clampett?
a. Irene Ryan
b. Francis Bavier

2. What was bubblin crude?
a. moonshine
b. oil

3. What fictitious town. in the Ozarks, were the Clampetts from?
a. Silver Dollar City
b. Bug Tussle



Patti kd0ael