The transistor has been a key element in the advances of the modern world. From transistor radios to the microchip the advances in technology have been incredible. How much do you know about the invention and development of the transistor.

1. On December 16, 1947 the first transistor was developed at Bell Labs. What type of transistor was it?

A. Point Contact
B. Metal Oxide Silicone

2. The Coinventor of the transistor (Bill Shockley) left Bell Labs to form a company called Shockley Semiconductor. What was
Shockley Semiconductor famous for inventing?

A. Nothing, eventually failing the business due to lack of anything valuable.
B. PNPN diode

3. During the time Shockley Semiconductor was in business, 8 engineers left the company to form Fairchild Semiconductor.
What were these 8 engineers called?

A. The Traitorous 8
B. Texas Instruments

These are tough ones but the answers are out there.