Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club Friday Net 146.910!!! 10/26/2012

N0MIO Net Control

Regular Announcements
–The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club meeting will be the third Saturday of the month at 5PM. This months meeting will be November 17th.
–Testing Will also be available at 3-4PM for anyone of those who want to either get there technician license or if you are wanting to upgrade to a general or extra class. The Fee for this test will be $15.
–Any one listening interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator should attend a meeting.

–What’s happening in Ham Radio–

–N0MIO–Spotter Talk Net will be held October 27nd at 8PM (NEW TIME) on the N0NWS 145.490 Repeater with a PL of 136.5 (Weather Pending) Call sign, First name, Locations, Mobile or station Spotter from Residence or current location. We will then give out the reportable criteria so that spotters in and around the Missouri Ozarks can know what is needed to be included during any severe weather reports so that we can get the info to the NWS quickly and efficiently

–Every Other Saturday night after October 27nd at 8PM 

–KD0AEL–Our very own Regina Carroll is requesting your favorite recipes. She is putting together a recipe book for us. Please email smarc@(nospam) and we will pass those on to her!

–KD0AEL–It is time once again for the SMARC annual Guns and Radios Picnic! This Saturday at 1pm, we will be meeting at the Red Cross at Division and West Bypass to carpool and to caravan to Jeff and Judith’s farm in Miller. Join us and bring a pot luck dish to share!For those of you who cannot leave that early, or who do not ive in the Springfield area, here is the address so you can map your journey: 10004 Lawrence 2010, Miller, MO 65707 Reppert Farm

–KB0NHX/N0MIO–The Ozark Mountain Hamfest is scheduled for Saturday, January 5th, 2013.
Entry cost will again be $5.00, and tables are available by reservation, 1 per person.
Contact James at for table reservations and vendor information.

Location will once again be Faith Lutheran Church, 1517 E. Valley Water Mill in Springfield, MO.
Talk-in frequency will be the 147.015+ K0NXA repeater with a 162.2 PL tone.
Hamfest doors open at 8AM Saturday morning.
License testing will be available courtesy of the Nixa Amateur Radio Club at 10AM.
Tailgaters welcome!

More info and flyers to follow soon.

Dastardly Trivia—Thanks to Levi KD0SXC For Trivia this week.

Here you go gamers and non-gamers alike.

1. What Nintendo character is know as the Hero of Time, and is always trying to save the princess and the kingdom from the King of Thieves?
A. Link (Answer!!!)

B. Mario
C. Zelda
D. Samus

2. What is Master Chief’s first name?
A. John (Answer!!!)
B. James
C. Bruce
D. Greg

3. ‘Lok’tar ogar’ is Orcish in the Warcraft universe for…
A. Blood and thunder
B. Honor and glory
C. Victory or death (Answer!!!)
D. For the Horde

4. What year was the first Super Mario Bros. released?
A. 1990
B. 1988
C. 1985 (Answer!!!)
D. 1986

BONUS: TBA (bonus question was never announced during the net)

–Short time, Mobile or Handheld Transceiver—



–KD0GUQ––Cheryl—Yes, No, Maybe, and it is decidedly so.



–Regular Check-ins—




Total Check-ins=8