October is always a fun and busy month for the club. There are several opportunities for being outside with your radios!

1. Assistance is still needed with the Tour de Bass coming up Oct. 13. If you can man a rest stop, sag or sweep, contact James Adkins at adkins.james@gmail.com

2. October 20 Scout Jamboree. 3 or more volunteers are needed to assist from 9am until 4pm Oct. 20th. We will need someone to bring the trailer from the Red Cross to the event, and volunteers to sit with the radios and the boys as they get on the air. we will have HF and VHF rigs set up that day. Contact Patti if you are interested.

The regular meeting of the club and testing will happen as routinely scheduled. Bring a build project and join us at the meeting!

3. Oct. 27th Guns and Radios at the Reppert Farm. This is our annual picnic. All are welcome to join us. More details to come!


Patti kd0ael

Now let’s learn about Gnomeo”s family via Br. Lughi
1. In what country was the first Garden Gnomes found?

A. Norway
B. Germany
C. Holland

2. Why are Gnomes stolen from their gardens

A. To return them to the wild
B. To send them on world adventures
C. Both
D. They can be very valuable

3.  53 year old Frenchman was arrest with 170 stolen gnomes in his possession

A. true
B. False