From NJ0I: For Sunday Sept. 23. We could use 4-8 additional volunteers to compliment the existing hams just to cover basic locations. More volunteers can be used to staff additional spots along the route. The most important segment of the

 overall race is the bicycle route along Hwy 465 (High Road). There are hills and valleys that make constant visual monitoring pretty difficult.

I encourage the volunteers to bring a companion along (other ham or friend) to minimize the boredom during when no bikers are in your specific area. Also pack your cooler and snacks because it will be around 5 hours of stationary duty.

We use our 147.195 rptr as net control so mobil or hand helds with plenty of battery capacity is required. Also if you have a mobil capable of cross-band repeat, I use that to extend the use of my hand held. (440.000 x band to 147.195) it allows me be away from the vehicle. The High Road does have some dead spots using only 5 watts.

We would certainly appreciate any assistance you might offer.

If you want more info call me at 861-3866 (cell), really hope you can help.

Last year we met at 6:30am at the local McDonald’s for briefing.
Looking forward to meeting you.

Jerry Evans NJ0I

sent out in newsletter
We will assist with the Branson Triathlon on September 23, 2012 and we will need several
volunteers. We probably will need help from other clubs. The duty will be in your vehicle staged
along the bicycle route to report should there be a need for assistance or injury reports. Expect 7 am
to 12 noon. Please let NJ0I know if you can volunteer