We received this email. If any club members help, please let them know you are SMARC members. They have promised a donation for assistance.


Patti kd0ael

My name is Travis Liles and I am part of the St. Louis Ultrarunners Group and I am putting on a race in the Mark Twain national forest next weekend. The race is on the 25 mile Berryman trail and will run from 6AM Saturday the 15th- 2pm Sunday the 16th. The race is a 100 mile footrace and runners will repeat the course 4 times. We will have 5 total check points/aid stations along the course for runners to check in and getting water and food from our volunteer staff.

The race website is located here – http://stlouisultrarunnersgroup.net/?page_id=199

While I understand that this is very short notice, we were wondering if anyone from your group might be interested in helping us with radio communications from our Start/Finish aid station to at least one other checkpoint on the course (all accessible by car). If its possible to have more that would be great. This is not a dire need but as the race approaches we thought if possible to get some further communications on the course that we would take it. We would be willing to make a donation to your club after the event for you assistance.

Thanks a lot!

Travis Liles