I believe that Field Day 2012 is the best Field Day I have ever participated in! It would not have been possible without the contributions of time and effort by everyone who was there! Huge thanks goes out to our sponsors this year: American Red Cross, Southern Missouri Region, Power Source Solar and Heil Sound. Even the weather cooperated with a great breeze cooling us off through the day!

We made contacts on all bands that would cooperate, in all modes possible and even had attempts at satellite contacts, too. The GOTA station was extremely busy with young and old alike making contacts throughout the day!

Gary ran two testing sessions with successful upgrades and a new tech returning for his successful attempt after falling a little short last week. I might add that our newest technician also won the grand prize at the raffle!

We tried something a bit new this year. We were live streaming the event during the daylight hours. I am not certain how many were logged in but I know the drawing time was a hit!

For the first time that I can remember, all three of the major networks were there covering our event! They did such a wonderful job of coverage! Here are links to the videos: KY3,   Ozarks First,  KSPR.  Mary Maloney of 33 and Linda Russell of 3 both took turns making contacts on the air!

I believe the excitement of the event was contagious! Several people who stopped in asking “what can amateur radio do for me?” and “do you think I can do this?” left the event excited about the possibilities. I have to thank all the participants for sharing the fun and family atmosphere that made those first impressions possible!

Congratulations to all the winners of the raffle. And another huge thanks to those who donated items and time to construct antennas (Shawn) to make the raffle a great success!

We will be setting up for Route 66 On the Air in September. May the excitement of Field Day carry over to that fun event! More details to come.

Have a Blessed Day


Patti, kd0ael

SMARC Secretary/Treasurer