The club meeting was less than eventful. Great news was the gentleman who required assistance reading his test passed his Tech and General! There were several brand new hams born and Regina out did herself with dinner. The laptop that would not function just wanted to come home to work!!! I think Shawn worked magic on it when he touched the hard drive!

!!!!!!!Here is what you have all been waiting for!!!!!!!!!
Field Day Raffle to be held at 6pm CDT from our Field Day site!
We hope to have live streaming available for those who cannot be present.
If not present to win: We may ask a few dollars in shipping to get your prize to you.

Raffle tickets: 6 for $5; 13 for $10 and 25 for $20

Prizes as we now have them are: (more may be coming!!!)
1: Motorola CDM-1250 40Watt UHF [70cm] Mobile (Value $200) Includes Mic, Power Cable, and programming from the SMARC repeater list.

2: Heil HM-12 Microphone (MSRP $70)

3: Heil ProSet 3 Headphones (MSRP Unknown) Brand new on the market, premiering at Dayton NOW!

4: Remakes of last years KE4NEO & KD0CNP field day cat5 dipole build. These antennas have hand wound 10AWG bifilar air core baluns and the cat5 elements act like litz wire, which makes these antennas broad-banded with low SWR across the band it’s built for. The 10AWG balun will survive full legal limit power, you will vaporize the cat5 elements long before the balun gives up! These dipoles will take POWER!

We have 6 antennas so you have 6 chances to get one!
The selected bands have privileges for Techs and Extras alike, so these antennas are awesome no mater what your license class!

a: Two 6 meter cat5 dipoles.

b: Two 10 meter cat5 dipoles.

c: One 15 meter cat5 dipole.

d: One 40 meter cat5 dipole.

5. 40 Meter Rockmite transceiver kit (Altoid can provided!)

6. No details yet but a kit for a tiny keyer that would be a match to #5 is being donated

7. Baofeng UV-3R Multiband UHF/VHF Dual display HT

If you are at a distance and cannot make it to field day or to our next meeting to purchase your tickets, email smarc@(nospam) with the number of tickets you want. When we receive your check or money order we will record your name and the ticket numbers and will place your tickets in the box for you. We will notify you of your numbers. We also will post the numbers on a link on where you can see your numbers.

The drawing will be done live at Field Day and will be streamed on UStream for those who cannot be present. Link to the streaming will be posted on this Facebook page and at!

(All ticket purchases are final and if you prefer we can mail your ticket stubs back to you. We must have your payment before the drawing or the tickets will not be entered.)

Good Luck!!!!
Patti kd0ael