Amateur Radio is a fun hobby to do some weird experimental things with radio.  For the second year Amateur Radio Operators Al Gallo WØERE and David Beckler, aka “SAP” NØSAP will be operating a 30 Meter Mobile Beacon on 10.129.25.  We think this is the second time anyone has attempted a mobile beacon that will give update information on grid squares during our travel.  Our first attempt and success was last May while we traveled to and from the Hamvemtion 

Our trip begins on Thursday, May 17th at approximately 1300 hrs UTC or eight o’clock AM CDST.  The rig will be a Yaesu FT-817 running 2 watts with a quarter wave trailing wire made of Litz wire.  The wire will be about eight feet high off the front end of the SUV.  A Hustler mast with a tri-mag mount and a spring mounted at the top is where the Litz wire attachment is made within the spring.  At 58 MPH, the wire launches in the air and generally oscillates in a horizontal plane from left to right.  It does not impede the vehicle behind, as most do not notice the wire dancing in their face.

The message will be WØERE/M/B; the M/B is for Mobile Beacon, and then the current grid  square, then 2 wts.  On our return trip, Monday the 21st, we will be on the air at the same time of 1300 hrs until we reach the QTH in Nixa, MO.

Al and “SAP” will be operating SSB on 7.265 and or 14.265 plus or minus 3 Kcs.  We look forward to having signal reports on the beacon from your location with contacts on SSB, emails at, and/or audio files. 

 Al’s Cell phone will also be taking reports for those who can not communicate on the air. 

 W0ERE, Al Gallo’s cell phone number is 417-839-486

Ck QRZ and E-ham for info

Enjoy the world’s greatest hobby “HAM RADIO”

Thank you and 73,

Al and Sap