I thought maybe a last salvo from first of the week Memorial Day Remembrances. These questions are about celebrities who served in the Armed Forces of the United States. Good Luck. You have to check-in to the net to weigh in your answers.

1. During WW2 Jimmy Stewart was the Commander of the 445th Bombardment Group, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross for actions in combat. He was a pilot of what plane that was the lead in numerous mission over Nazi-occupied Europe?

A. B-17 Flying Fortress
B. B-24 Liberator

2. Lee Marvin played a soldier in the movie “The Dirty Dozen”, He also served in the military. What branch of the service did he serve and what was his job?

A. Air Corps Gunner.
B. Marine Corps sniper.

3. Before being a professional wrestler and before being the Governor of Minnesota. Jesse Ventura saw combat in Vietnam,
what branch did he serve and what was his job?

A. MP in the Army.
B. Navy Seal “job was classified. if I told you, I would have to kill ya”