Due to the untimely passing of the heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio. I have a few trivia questions for you about him.

Remember the only way your answers count is if you answer on the Friday night net.

1. Ronnie originally played what instrument?
A. Trumpet
B. Drums

2. He was born in what city?
A. Portsmouth, NH
B. Boston, MA

3. Ronnie made an appearance on the album from Pat Boone , “In A Metal Mood, No More Mister Nice Guy” an album of famous heavy metal songs played in big band style.

A. True
B. False

So good luck with the dastardly questions this week. Hope to hear all of you on the Friday nite net on the 146.91 w0ebe repeater.

PS lewis I will get to your questions next week. They look pretty tough even for the “experts” we have here.