The club will be a 3A station using the club call w0ebe.

Station Captains will be:
Jamas – Voice station who will provide an IC 7000 and 3 batteries.
Robert – Digital Station and will provide FT 857 2 batteries
Steve – CW Station who will provide a TS-50 IC 725, 2&6 meters, Trailers, 12v generator, 110 v generator and an apc 1500 ups
Patti – GOTA Station

In addition, the following operators have offered to provide the following items:
Shawn – (12 v gen, 3000 w ups)
Richard Marlow (FT – 857)

Shawn in coordination with the Red Cross, for computer networking and streaming video to the website.

Red Cross has offered to provide a trailer with AC and two desks, tent. Trailer and tents to be set up Friday afternoon by Red Cross volunteers. Trailers and signs to be set up at the same time by the club.

Security – Will be done by Control Operators for 24 hour coverage. 12p – 8p Robert; 8p – 4a Gary; 4a – 12p Steve

Public Relations – Patti and Cheryl
Patti to write Press Release and send to Rod Kittleman and Cheryl.

Political Guest – Cheryl to make contact

Red Cross has additional generators. They need to be checked to be sure they are operational. (needs assigned responsible party)

Food – Caleb and Shannon (donation barrel to be on site with the food, burgers dogs and pulled pork sandwiches, sodas and chips will be available for a donation)

The following items need to be purchased:
Pork, burgers, dogs, buns, soda, boxes of bags of chips, paint for trailers (possibly barrel for BBQ) Caleb to check BBQ pit at the Red Cross