SMARC  April Meeting Minutes April 17, 2010 at the Red Cross Disaster Services Building

Members Present: Steve Palmer, Patti Palmer, Robert Kensch, Bill Atwill, Steve Uzzell, Cheryl Jackson, Gary Jackson, Alice, Jamas Justice, Shawn McKee

Called to order at 0547pm by Steve Palmer


Secretary/ Treasurer Report:  Treasury Report $635 total

Minutes of March Meeting

Minutes accepted as posted on the web by majority vote

Old business and News:

Demonstration of a tape measure Yagi antenna was provided by Steve. Components, expense and uses.  In addition, historically how the Japanese used similar devices to triangulate signal and locate Pearl Harbor.

Weather widget added to the website

Discussion of website versus reflector

Field Day – Updates on assignments, site Red Cross, dinner BBQ and pot luck

Softrock cannot be ordered, not available.

Seeking QRP demonstration and possible kit building. Requesting someone to present this to the group.

New Business:

Proposal to build Yagi antennas

Proposal to train new hams on use of digital volt meter.

Both of these topics to be addressed in meetings following Field Day.

Meeting adjourned 626pm

Demonstration of transmitter hunting was performed by Steve Palmer in the parking lot of the Red Cross.