Feb. 20, 2010 Monthly Meeting Minutes of the Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club
Meeting was held at the Red Cross Disaster Services Building
Meeting called to order at 5pm by Steve Palmer ka0smp (President)

Members In attendance: CW Stiver, Shawn McKee (At Large Board Member), Gary Jackson (At Large Board Member), Cheryl Jackson, Steve Palmer (President), Patti Palmer (Secretary/Treasurer), Steve Uzzell, Bill Atwill, Jamas Justice (Vice-President), Daniel Cook,

Visitors present
Julie Wake, Julie Wake, Paul Kamonda, David Nichols, Brad Tutt, Patrick Chase, Chris Woods, Richard Anderson, Richard Marlow,

Old Business:
January meeting minutes read and approved. (Patti motioned gary seconded, motion carried)

Update on website. Full functionality of old website restored.
Shawn provided visual of the new site.
Advertising has been accepted from Hamcom

Treasury Report: $510 balance at present. Vote needed to spend $388 to cover equipment insurance ASAP.

Gary made a Motion made to spend $388 for insurance to cover the equipment. Cheryl seconded the motion. Vote carried by majority vote.

New Business:

Fundraising: banner ads a good resource. Query for objections and feedback. Suggestions were made to contact Associated, Gigaparts etc.

Locating give away computers making them operable with amateur radio and be made for sale to hams in the area.

Steve Contacted Sofrock and will need a kit to put together and test before purchasing more for club members to put together in a class for circuitry.

Patti made a Motion made for club to purchase one kit for Shawn and Steve to put together to be sold afterward. Gary seconded the motion and the vote carried by majority.

Announcement of Titanic Event April 11-12 Trailers will be used by that group.

Skywarn Info net procedures presented by Patti.

Move to adjorn by Steve seconded by Cheryl at 540pm.

The rest of the meeting was construction of Jpole antennas from RJ 58 and tv antenna wire. Kits were sold for $5 a piece.