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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club


146.910 negative offset with 162.2 pl tone located on Hammons Tower on East St louis St. Springfield, MO

The 146.91 repeater has always been the clubs flagship repeater and is open to all amateurs. We conduct a friendly checkin in net for all amateurs on Friday nights at 8 PM local time. Stop by and say hello we look forward to your checkin.


Motorola MSF5000 350 watt

Controller is the internal msf controller

Duplexers are Wacom 641

Antenna is a db222 equivalent mounted to the light mast on the tower.

11/22/2012 The repeater is like a rock with operation as long we have power to the repeater and since the building is on a backup generator that is most of the time. We are looking forward to getting our antenna improved to increase coverage of the machine.